Driving Tips

Winter Driving on Ice and snow

The snow is originating lower hard and there is already a couple of inches on the highway. How will you make a start securely? Most likely the best way forward I can provide you with would be to avoid driving within the snow whenever you can. If you’re able to survive a couple of more days without shopping than it is best to wait before the road conditions improve. Should you must create a trip though here are a few safety ideas to consider:

1. Slow lower! Drive slower and then leave extra room to prevent, don’t drive as near with other cars while you would.

2. Lights. Switch on your lights so other motor vehicles can easily see you best with the snow.

3. Brake gradually. Don’t stomp around the brake or you’ll slide, rather lightly tap the brake before you slow lower. Holding the brake lower may lockup your tires delivering you right into a slide.

4. Stay away from cruise control.

5. Make certain your car windows stays neat and wipe off your lights before driving to make sure others help you.

6. Don’t pass snow plows. The roads before them is going to be pretty bad, it’s easier to take your time and drive in it.

7. Use lower gears to keep traction.

8. Be careful on bridges and overpasses because these freeze more rapidly than regular roads because of the cold air blowing above and underneath the road.

9. Just as you have a Jeep or big truck does not mean you are able to drive at normal speed limits. Your vehicle might not be as tough while you think and 4 wheel drive does not cause you to stop any faster therefore if another vehicle skids out before you you will be in danger.

10. Have Patience! Reserve your road rage for any couple of days and drive just a little slower. Let individuals your lane and then try to be somewhat more respectful than usual. We are all in a rush and no one wish to be driving 15 M.P.H. around the freeway.

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