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Winter Road Conditions and Safety Tips

Winter highway and general road conditions, particularly in Michigan where ice and snow may come up out of the blue when you are driving, are what motorists dread within the several weeks of November through March (often even April!). Listed here are advice to assist Michigan residents along with other individuals plan safe winter travels within their vehicles.

You need to permit yourself additional time when planning your vacation should you must drive in the winter months conditions. Obvious off your automobile of snow, ice, etc., including in your hood and roof. Make sure to turn your headlights on to ensure that other motorists can easily see you best. Even though the published posted speed limit might be 65 miles per hour, you will need to lower your speed to match a minimum of three occasions the standard stopping distance, should you have to brake rapidly. Use low gears a vehicle’s traction, especially on hillsides. Should there be snowplows out, you have to stay in it at lest 200 ft rather than pass them around the right (this is prohibited). Be especially careful when passing them within the passing lanes.

Frequently, the passing lane is within worst condition compared to driving lane so avoid sudden lane changes. Generally, brake early and lightly so that your vehicle doesn’t skid. In case your wheels do secure, decrease the brake rather than pump anti-lock brakes (just stomp and steer from a skid).

Another general strategies for driving in the winter months conditions range from the following:

1. Watch out for slippery bridge decks.

2. Don’t use cruise control/overdrive.

3. Don’t cut rapidly before large trucks.


When highway conditions become an excessive amount of for both you and your vehicle, don’t hesitate to postpone/cancel your departure date altogether since your safety factors are what matters. Eventually, the roads is going to be salted and obvious and you’ll be capable of getting for your destination.

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